Fun Facts

Women in Provincial Legislature

Pauline Marois: First Woman Premier in Quebec

Women Mayors Across all Municipalities

The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean: First Black Woman Governor General

Women MPs from Quebec

Valerie Plante: First Woman of Mayor of Montreal


About AVE. We are committed to working to increase women's representation among elected officials at all levels of government and higher administrative positions. In keeping with Equal Voice's vision to help create a climate in which more women will be elected to help govern Equal Voice – Quebec Chapter’s 2020 goals are to:

  • Promote our provincial organizing committee, represented throughout Quebec, and stimulate the creation of new chapters (campus and region);
  • Actively collaborate with other existing women’s and political groups in Quebec through mutual assistance, support and collaboration on joint projects;
  • Advocate elective levels to raise awareness of parity and its benefits,
  • Maintain, increase our provincial membership by re-engaging past members and finding new ones;
  • Increase the visibility of EV National and ours, in Quebec and;
  • Support women looking to get involved in municipal, provincial and federal politics or in higher administrative positions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in participating in our meetings, discussions or volunteering, learning more or attending an event or workshop.

Contact us at either [email protected] or via Facebook: À Voix Égales - Québec / Equal Voice - Quebec | Facebook

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