Through this 27-month project, Equal Voice will advance women’s leadership and decision-making through systemic change in Canada’s legislatures post Covid-19. Legislatures are places of tradition, but pandemic has led to dramatic innovation and modernization.  


We will work to ensure that Canada’s legislatures emerge from the pandemic as more gender-sensitive institutions. This will alleviate systemic barriers to women’s participation in politics and includes supports like allowing elected officials to participate in a hybrid model where needed, such as for childbirth, illness, family responsibilities, or other exceptional circumstances.


Check out our Public Summit discussing our research on modernizing Canadian legislatures:

Systemic Change Research: Survey Hybrid Parliament/Legislature

Release date: July 2023
Pages: 24

This report highlights the key findings from research commissioned by Equal Voice and conducted by Abacus Data on public opinion of Hybrid Parliament in Canada.

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Committee Report


This project is funded by the government of Canada – Ministry for Women and Gender Equality and Youth.


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