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Equal Voice Releases "What We Heard" Report on Hybrid Legislatures


Equal Voice Releases "What We Heard" Report on Hybrid Legislatures


[Toronto, June 13th, 2023] – Equal Voice is pleased to release its “What We Heard” report, a significant milestone as part of the 27-month project, Modernizing Legislatures. This project, led by Equal Voice and funded by the Government of Canada through Women and Gender Equality Canada, aims to instigate systemic change in Canadian legislatures to make them more gender-sensitive institutions.

Happy Work-Anniversary: What I’ve learned in my first year at Equal Voice

Chi Nguyen – Executive Director

A personal and professional reflection: a year ago today, I stepped into my dream role at Equal Voice. Our work at Equal Voice is to elect, support and retain women and gender diverse people in Canadian politics. As a lifelong champion of women’s leadership and democracy, I could not have imagined a better place to show up to every day.

Here are some lessons that have emerged for me over this past year – that I’ll continue to carry forward.

Francyne D. Joe: before Reconciliation, we need to reach the truth

For the third year, the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation – also commemorated as Orange Shirt Day – has been observed on September 30. For some Canadians, this may be a controversial holiday. However, I believe that if each and every Canada resident  take a moment to consider how this day, and the reason for it, impacts Indigenous people in Canada, anyone can see its importance.

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