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Happy Work-Anniversary: What I’ve learned in my first year at Equal Voice

Chi Nguyen – Executive Director

A personal and professional reflection: a year ago today, I stepped into my dream role at Equal Voice. Our work at Equal Voice is to elect, support and retain women and gender diverse people in Canadian politics. As a lifelong champion of women’s leadership and democracy, I could not have imagined a better place to show up to every day.

Here are some lessons that have emerged for me over this past year – that I’ll continue to carry forward.

Francyne D. Joe: before Reconciliation, we need to reach the truth

For the third year, the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation – also commemorated as Orange Shirt Day – has been observed on September 30. For some Canadians, this may be a controversial holiday. However, I believe that if each and every Canada resident  take a moment to consider how this day, and the reason for it, impacts Indigenous people in Canada, anyone can see its importance.

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