About Equal Voice.

Dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada.



Founded in 2001, Equal Voice is a multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing and supporting women at all levels of political office.

Our vision is gender parity in politics.


Equal Voice Guiding Principles:

We are multi-partisan and work with all political parties to nominate and elect more women.
We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and accessibility in all our work.
We are bilingual and endeavour to incorporate Indigenous languages in our work.
We are national and operate through regional Chapters across Canada.
We are a non-profit, funded through individual donations, partnerships, and grants.

Equal Voice Strategic Goals 2020-2024:

  • Equipping women to succeed in politics through our national campaign school program, online toolkits, our biennial Daughters of the Vote program, as well as networking, skills-building and mentorship opportunities. 
  • Retaining women in politics by advocating for inclusive and gender-balanced legislatures, campaigning for safe working conditions for women politicians, and working with political parties to increase women's participation. 
  • Advocating for representation by providing information and analysis on gender representation, working with community organizations, holding national, regional and local events, and working to combat harassment and abuse of women politicians. 
  • Building organizational capacity through investing in our chapters and communities.

For more information, please read Equal Voice's Strategic Directions, 2020-2024

Our chapters and campus clubs across Canada bring Equal Voice’s work to life in the community, while the organization is supported at a national level by a National Advisory Board including some of Canada’s most prominent women politicians.

Our Programs

In 2017, Equal Voice invited young women from the ages of 18 to 23 to apply to be one of 338 who will take their seats in Parliament. One young woman was chosen from every federal riding in Canada to represent their community and to communicate their vision for Canada.

Equal Voice, with financial support from Status of Women Canada, will host subsequent Daughters of the Vote events in 2019 and 2021.

NEW: Equal Voice is proud to present the Blueprint for Gender-Sensitive Legislatures report.
This report provides background on the Systemic Change initiative undertaken by Equal Voice and includes research findings, lessons learned, and policy recommendations for legislatures in Canada.

Made possible through financial support from Canadian Heritage, Getting to the Gate is an online campaign aimed to increase the number of elected women by providing practical tools for women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life interested in running for public office.

EVE Awards

Equal Voice honours annually two outstanding women for their contributions to advancing women in public life. EVE Award recipients are honoured at a special luncheon. Recipients are chosen by each chapter in consultation with the National Office.

Catalyst for Change Award

This award is reserved for men in political leadership positions who have made significant strides in elevating the role of women in public office.

Board and Staff.

Equal Voice’s Board of Directors is comprised of 16 directors, and one ex-officio member. There are 9 chapter-chair positions (selected by their respective chapters), 7 members at large and one immediate past-chair.

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