Equal Voice Releases "What We Heard" Report on Hybrid Legislatures


[Toronto, June 13th, 2023] – Equal Voice is pleased to release its “What We Heard” report, a significant milestone as part of the 27-month project, Modernizing Legislatures. This project, led by Equal Voice and funded by the Government of Canada through Women and Gender Equality Canada, aims to instigate systemic change in Canadian legislatures to make them more gender-sensitive institutions.

The report draws insights from Clerks, House Leaders, and House Speakers nationwide, highlighting a clear consensus: hybrid mechanisms work and can transform legislative participation, promote inclusivity, and fortify democratic institutions.

"We heard from legislators across the country about the transformative potential of hybrid mechanisms in fostering inclusivity and strengthening democratic practice. We also heard consistently that hybrid is technically feasible. The report serves as a key resource for any legislator seeking to drive change across the country, with recommendations and solutions to implement hybrid mechanisms," said Chi Nguyen, Executive Director, Equal Voice.

Key recommendations in the report make the case for the codification of hybrid models into standing orders and the exploration of secure remote voting apps. These measures are essential not only to streamline legislative processes and ensure equitable participation but also to ensure the continuity of government and encourage a more inclusive workplace that enables our legislatures to draw from the full talent pool of our communities.

About Equal Voice: Equal Voice is a registered charity dedicated to improving gender representation in Canadian politics through research and education. Since 2001, Equal Voice has been at the forefront of advocating for equal representation of women and gender-diverse individuals in Canada's Parliament, provincial and territorial legislatures, and municipal councils.

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