Female Candidates By Party

Political Party

Liberal Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada Bloc Québécois New Democratic Party Green Party of Canada
  6 3 0 7 4



Carlton Trail—Eagle Creek                                  

  • Conservative Party of Canada: Kelly Block (Incumbent)
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Shannon O'Toole

Cypress Hills—Grasslands        

  • Green Party of Canada: Carol Vandale                                                                                   

Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River                                                                    

  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Harmonie King

Moose Jaw—Lake Centre—Lanigan                    

Prince Albert                               

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Estelle Hjertaas                             



  • Liberal Party of Canada: Cecilia Melanson                          
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Annaliese Bos
  • Green Party of Canada: Naomi Hunter


  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Erin Hidlebaugh                                                                                                  


  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Kyla Kitzul
  • Green Party of Canada: Gillian Walker


  • Liberal Party of Canada: Dawn Walker
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Claire Card

Saskatoon West                                                                                                            

Souris—Moose Mountain           


  • Conservative Party of Canada: Cathay Wagantall (Incumbent)
  • Green Party of Canada: Valerie Brooks


* This information was derived from Equal Voice. Equal Voice uses publicly available information to track women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot in the upcoming 44th Canadian Federal Election. It will be regularly updated by Equal Voice, please report errors or omissions to [email protected] *

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