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Join Equal Voice’s Public Summit on Modernizing Legislatures

Legislatures are places of tradition, but the pandemic has led to dramatic innovation and modernization like the integration of hybrid features.

Modernizing Legislatures is a project funded by the Government of Canada through Women and Gender Equality Canada. Through this project, Equal Voice seeks to advance women’s leadership and ensure that Canada’s legislatures emerge from the pandemic as more gender-sensitive institutions.

As part of the Modernizing Legislatures project, Equal Voice, in collaboration with Abacus Data and StrategyCorp, is excited to host the first public summit about the project,  serving as a platform for sharing research findings and fostering discussions on the modernization of legislatures.

Public Summit – Online

When: Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM (EST)

Who can attend?

Everyone! Open to all, including media, academia, advocacy groups, political staffers, decision-makers, and the public.

How can I attend?

Please register for the event using  the form below. You will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the virtual summit.

What to expect?

You can expect to learn more about hybrid legislatures and how it can support the modernization of our institutions.

Abacus Data, on behalf of Equal Voice, conducted national polling around hybrid. Surveying Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast, the findings indicate that the modernization of legislatures through the introduction of hybrid features has the potential to foster inclusivity and increase the participation of women in all orders of government. This has the potential to alleviate systemic barriers to women’s participation in politics.

StrategyCorp, a strategic advisory firm, conducted interviews with key stakeholders in legislatures, such as clerks, house speakers, and house leaders, at the federal, provincial and territorial governments. These interviews provided unique insights and understanding of the challenges and benefits of hybrid for different legislatures.

During this summit, attendees will hear from both Abacus Data and StrategyCorp, and will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Why attend?

– Gain firsthand knowledge of the research and findings around hybrid in legislatures.

–  Participate in an important discussion on the implications and benefits of hybrid features.

– Contribute to the ongoing dialogue on creating more inclusive and diverse legislatures.

What is “Hybrid”?

In the context of the project, “hybrid” refers to a tool designed to accommodate legislators who need to participate virtually in proceedings when in-person attendance is not possible. This includes situations such as illness, pregnancy, caregiving responsibilities, or other extraordinary circumstances. The hybrid approach empowers legislators to fully represent their constituents at all times.


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