Female Candidates By Party

Political Party

Liberal Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada Bloc Québécois New Democratic Party Green Party of Canada
  15 6 0 9 7



Battle River—Crowfoot     

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Leah McLeod                                                                                         

Bow River                                                                                                                    

Calgary Centre                   

Calgary Confederation                                                                                                 

  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Gulshan Akter
  • Green Party of Canada: Natalie Odd

Calgary Forest Lawn          

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Jordan Stein                                                                 

Calgary Heritage                                                                                                          

Calgary Midnapore                                      

Calgary Nose Hill                                        

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Jessica Dale-Walker
  • Conservative Party of Canada: Michelle Rempel Garner (Incumbent)

Calgary Rocky Ridge         

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Shahnaz Munir       
  • Green Party of Canada: Catriona Wright                                   

Calgary Shepard                                                                                                           

Calgary Signal Hill        

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Shawn Duncan                                                                                               

Calgary Skyview                                         

  • Conservative Party of Canada: Jag Sahota (Incumbent)
  • Green Party of Canada: Janna So

Edmonton Centre                                                                          

Edmonton Griesbach          

Edmonton Manning                                                                       

Edmonton Mill Woods                                                                                                 

Edmonton Riverbend                                                                                                   

  • Green Party of Canada: Melanie Hoffman

Edmonton Strathcona         

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Hibo Mohamed                                 
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Heather McPherson (Incumbent)
  • Green Party of Canada: Kelly Green

Edmonton West                                                                             

  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Sandra Hunter



  • Liberal Party of Canada: Paula Shimp                                          

Fort McMurray—Cold Lake                                                       

  • Conservative Party of Canada: Laila Goodridge                                 

Grande Prairie—Mackenzie                                                                                                  


  • Conservative Party of Canada: Shannon Stubbs (Incumbent)
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Desiree Bissonnette


Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner     

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Hannah Wilson                                                                                 

Peace River—Westlock                                                                

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Leslie Penny
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Gail Ungstad

Red Deer—Lacombe     

  • Green Party of Canada: Kerri Coombs                                                                                               

Red Deer—Mountain View                

  • New Democratic Party of Canada: Marie Grabowski                                                                          

Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan          

St. Albert—Edmonton                                                                   

Sturgeon River—Parkland 

  • Liberal Party of Canada: Irene Walker                                                                                         


  • Liberal Party of Canada: Sheila Schumacher


* This information was derived from Equal Voice. Equal Voice uses publicly available information to track women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot in the upcoming 44th Canadian Federal Election. It will be regularly updated by Equal Voice, please report errors or omissions to [email protected] *

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