Voters went the polls in Northwest Territories on November 14th, 2023.

In the previous territorial election in 2019, the Northwest Territories (NWT) elected 9 women MLAs, and with a by-election in 2021, 10 women MLAs represented the NWT  which means that the NWT is the first territory or province to reach gender parity in the Canadian Legislature! In this territorial election, Equal Voice is advocating that gender parity continues in the NWT– that means at least 50% of nominated candidates and at least 50% of elected MLAs being women or gender diverse people. We hope that the NWT elect at least 9 women or gender diverse MLAs to keep gender parity in the new legislature.

We are keeping track of all the women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot. The goal is to provide a simple and accessible resource for Canadians, journalists, and political parties.

This spreadsheet uses publicly available information to track women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot in the upcoming 2023 Northwest Territory Election. It will be regularly updated by Equal Voice, please report errors or omissions to [email protected] . Please credit “Equal Voice” if using this data.

Confirmed candidates who do not identify as a woman or non-binary


Election 2023 Candidates
Total # of Candidates 56
Total # of women or gender diverse candidates 23
Percentage of women or gender diverse candidates 41.1%

Number of Men and Women Elected to the Legislative Assembly of Northwest Territories

Election Year 2003 2007 2012 2015 2019 2023
Total Seats 19 19 19 19 19 19
# Men 17 16 17 17 10 11

# Women
2 3 2 2 9 8

Northwest Territory Election Tracking Sheet:

Confirmed women or non binary candidates are identified by name
Blank spaces identify no candidate
Circle’s represent a confirmed male candidate

Names highlighted identify elected women


Territorial Riding Incumbent New Candidate New Candidate New Candidate New Candidate New Candidate
Deh Cho O Sheryl Yakeleya O O    
Frame Lake   Deanna Cornfield O O O O
Great Slave Katrina Nokleby Kate Reid Stacie Arden Smith O    
Hay River North O O O O    
Hay River South O O O      
Inuvik Boot Lake Diane Archie Sallie Ross O      
Inuvik Twin Lakes Lesa Semmler Lenora McLeod        
Kam Lake Caitlin Cleveland          
Mackenzie Delta O O O      
Monfwi Jane Armstrong          
Nahendeh O Mavis Cli-Michaud Sharon Allen Hillary Deneron O O
Nunakput   Lucy Kuptana O      
Range Lake   Nicole Sok O O    
Sahtu Paulie Chinna Delphine Pierrot O      
Thebacha Frieda Martselos Connie Benwell O      
Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh O Nadine Delorme        
Yellowknife Centre   O O O    
Yellowknife North   Shauna Morgan O O    
Yellowknife South Caroline Wawzonek          

Elected women as of Wednesday, November 15th, 2023. We also included the candidate’s website or campaign platform if the information was available.

Please credit “Equal Voice” if using this data.

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