Voters went to the polls in PEI on April 3rd, 2023.

In the previous provincial election in 2019, seven women MLAs were elected in PEI, which was the highest number and percentage that the province had ever elected . In the 2023 provincial election, PEI elected an equal number of women, seven.

Equal Voice is still advocating for gender parity – that means at least 50% of nominated candidates and at least 50% of elected MLAs being women or gender diverse people. We hope that PEI sends at least 13 women or gender diverse MLAs to the PEI legislature.

We are keeping track of all the women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot. The goal is to provide a simple and accessible resource for Canadians, journalists, and political parties.

Candidates are included if party or candidate received >5% of votes in the riding in the last election

This spreadsheet uses publicly available information to track women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot in the upcoming 2023 Prince Edward Island General Election. It will be regularly updated by Equal Voice, please report errors or omissions to [email protected] . Please credit “Equal Voice” if using this data.

Confirmed candidates who do not identify as a woman or non-binary


Political Party
Total by Party 9 11 11 12
Total nominations 27 25 25 25
Percentage of Women Candidates 33.3% 44% 44% 44.4%

PEI Election Tracking Sheet:

Confirmed women or non binary candidates are identified by name
Blank spaces identify no candidate
Circle’s represent a confirmed male candidate

Candidates are included if party or candidate received >5% of votes in the riding in the last election

District 1 Souris – Elmira O Amber Dennis O O
District 2 Georgetown – Pownal O O O Edith Perry
District 3 Montague – Kilmuir O O Norma Dingwell O
District 4 Belfast – Murray River Darlene Compton*Elected Katherine Bryson Laverne Macinnis Michelle Hodgson
District 5 Mermaid – Stratford Jenn RedmondElected Gail MacDonald Michele Beaton * O
District 6 Stratford – Keppoch Jill BurridgeElected O Lana Beth O
District 7 Morell – Donagh O O O O
District 8 Stanhope – Marshfield O     Marian White
District 9 Charlottetown – Hillsborough Park Natalie Jamieson*Elected O Adina Nault O
District 10 Charlottetown – Winsloe O Judy Hughes O O
District 11 Charlottetown – Belvedere Susie DillonElected Marcia Carroll Joanna Morrison O
District 12 Charlottetown – Victoria Park O Barb Mackeod Karla Bernard*Elected O
District 13 Charlottetown – Brighton O Sandra Sunil Janice Harper Michelle Neill
District 14 Charlottetown – West Royalty Kristi MacKay O O Simone Webster
District 15 Brackley – Hunter River O Nicole Ford O Leah-Jane Hayward
District 16 Cornwall – Meadowbank O O Tatye Willows O
District 17 New Haven – Rocky Point Donalda Docherty Sharon Cameron O O
District 18 Rustico – Emerald O Flory Sanderson O O
District 19 Borden – Kinkora O   O Carole MacFarlane
District 20 Kensington – Malpeque O O O Maggie Larocoque
District 21 Summerside – Wilmot O O Lynne Lund* Cassie Mackay
District 22 Summerside – South Drive Barb RamseyElected Nancy Beth Guptill O Katheryn Yule
District 23 Tyne Valley – Sherbrooke O O Trish Altass Carol Rybinski
District 24 Evangeline – Miscouche O O O O
District 25 O’Leary – Inverness O O O O
District 26 Alberton – Bloomfield O O O O
District 27 Tignish – Palmer Road April Delaney O   Gail Kinch

This directory tracks the candidates in the four major political parties. We also included the candidate’s website or campaign platform if the information was available.

Please credit “Equal Voice” if using this data.

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