This campaign school has already taken place.

We’re excited to offer a pop-up Campaign School in Fredericton on Sunday Feb 25!

  • Seeking last minute tips and best practices before running in the upcoming election?
  • Interested in making a mark on someone else’s campaign?
  • Just beginning to dip your toe into the political world and looking to expand your circle?

This program is designed to equip women and gender diverse individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to run for political office in Canada.


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  • Mastering your Value Proposition
  • Defining your Persona and Media Best practices - Special Guest: Alyson Samson (Former Journalist & Senior PR Consultant)
  • Assembling Your Campaign Team




  • Real Talk: Canvassing Scenarios, Organizational Best Practices, Fundraising
  • Mock Campaign


The AM session is more geared towards candidates, whereas the PM session is geared towards candidates AND campaign volunteers, however, you are highly encouraged and welcome to attend both!




The Mock Campaign Simulation is a 3-hour interactive and hands-on experience. Participants will be divided into mock campaign teams. They then self-select their candidate, fundraiser, campaign manager, etc. A detailed workbook will instruct the groups through a series of activities to replicate a real-life campaign.

Two local celebrity judges will provide local and relevant feedback and a winning team will win a prize!

  • The program fee is $20, to go towards covering some of the food cost.


  • Travel and childcare subsidies are available upon request.


  • Light snacks will be available. Lunch will be provided to anyone who attends the full day.


  • It is encouraged to bring your laptop/tablet to the session.


  • Sessions are interactive. Nothing will be recorded. We strive to create a safe and brave space for all.



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