British Columbia

Fun Facts

Women in Provincial Legislature

Rita Johnston: The First Woman Premier of BC and Canada

Women Mayors across all Municipalities

Yonah Martin: First Korean Canadian appointed to the Senate

Women MPs from British Columbia

Rosemary Brown: First Black Canadian elected to the British Columbia Legislature


Welcome To the Equal Voice British Columbia Chapter from your Co-Chairs Thoren Hudyman and Olivia Dixon

What Does the BC Chapter of Equal Voice Want to Accomplish?

We are committed to working to increase women's representation among elected officials. In keeping with Equal Voice's goal to help create a climate in which more women will be elected to help govern, we are forming an action group dedicated to publicly raising the issue of under-representation of women in British Columbia, both in our legislature and in our national Parliament.

Historically, the chapter's executive committee includes a variety of women who are committed to working across party lines to advance women's representation at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

The two principal purposes of this chapter are to:

  1. Host and organize public events to increase awareness about the significant under-representation of women in the federal/provincial/municipal Canadian political sphere;
  2. to encourage political parties and grassroots organizations to nominate and elect more women for all levels of political office.

Equal Voice British Columbia works to influence each major political party to ensure that they make a credible effort to promote the participation of women in politics and to help women secure nominations and win elections.

Upcoming Events

Mother's Who Run the Legislature

This May, we celebrate the mother's who have done so much for us — on both a personal and political level. We invite you to learn how women, specifically moms, have positively shaped policies across Canada’s legislatures. Gain perspective on what it means to be a superwoman and hear their inspiring stories firsthand.

Join us on May 26 for a conversation with some of Alberta’s and British Columbia’s MLAs and Ministers who also go by the title ‘mom.'

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