BLOG - Welcome To Equal Voice’s Power in Parity Federal Election Portal

What is the Power in Parity Portal?

With the 43rd federal election nearly underway, Equal Voice is excited to launch the Power in Parity Portal. This space will provide an online resource for the public to seek information, engage in the election, support women and gender diverse candidates who are running, and hear from experienced voices in the political community.

Equal Voice is a national, bilingual, not-for-profit, multi-partisan organization dedicated to the election of more women and gender diverse people at all levels of government. As such, we are excited to take an active role in following and analyzing the 2019 federal election through our Power in Parity Portal.

This portal offers a directory of women running to be Members of Parliament from six major political parties. Voters can sort candidates by riding, party, or province for an easy and convenient go-to guide on women running in their area. Members of the public who are interested in learning more about women candidates can directly access their websites through the Equal Voice directory.

EV’s Portal will also offer ongoing analysis of the federal election by providing numbers and facts on women and gender diverse candidates. These statistics and figures will track women’s representation during the election, and shine a light directly on women’s participation throughout the election.

Another feature within the portal is the Equal Voice Blog, a series of contributions from a variety of writers, including politicians from all political parties and regions, organizations, academics and other active people and groups in the political community. This piece of the portal will showcase the diverse knowledge and opinions, as well as lived experiences, of those involved in the political sphere.

This federal election is an enormous opportunity, and EV’s online space is a call to action for the public to be engaged directly with women and gender diverse candidates hoping to take their seat at the decision making tables of this country. It’s important to support women and gender diverse candidates throughout the election, to consider their different platforms, and to provide assistance to those in their race to the House of Commons. Equal Voice’s Power in Parity Portal lends itself as a guide to help support women and gender diverse candidates and opens the door to allow a variety of voices to be heard within our political institutions.

If you are a woman or gender diverse candidate running in the federal election and do not see your name within the EV directory, please contact us to be added to the directory: [email protected]

For those interested in submitting content to the blog, we are open to hearing your stories. Please contact [email protected]


NEXT WEEK: first blog contribution from former Premier of Ontario and current MPP Kathleen Wynne.

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