Virtual House of Commons and Media

What will the virtual House of Commons session look like?


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the House of Commons has adapted to ensure MPs are still able to meet virtually and participate in all aspects of their legislative work. Our goal is to best replicate the in-person House of Commons experience, as well as virtual sittings that the House has adopted. 

After addresses from the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Hon. Anthony Rota, and the first woman Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, 30 delegates will be selected to give statements in the House on issues important to them and their communities. This will be followed by speeches from each of the federal political party leaders and a Q&A with the Prime Minister.*

*Pending confirmation

How were delegates selected to speak for the virtual House of Commons day?


Delegates were provided the opportunity to submit a short write-up of the issue they would address if chosen to speak on the Virtual Parliament day. The Equal Voice team assessed each submission and selected delegates based on a wide variety of factors.

Delegates will be contacted via e-mail soon to inform them of whether or not they were selected for a speaking spot. 

Note: 30 delegates will be selected to speak. As a result of time constraints, requests for additional speaking spots will not be accepted. 

Will the public be able to watch?


Most of the program is closed to delegates. The public will be able to watch the proceedings of the virtual House of Commons day live, and it will be recorded.  Some keynotes will also be broadcast. Equal Voice will send broadcast details to delegates and publicize more information on our social media channels.  People watching will only be observers and will not be able to interact with delegates.

Can the public participate in the whole program?


Most of DOV is closed to delegates only, in order to allow delegates to learn, share, and discuss in private spaces. However, There will be some elements open to the public, including the Virtual House of Commons day. Members of the public will be able to view the proceedings, but they will not be able to interact with delegates or guest speakers.

I am a journalist and would like to interview a delegate, or cover a DOV session. Who do I contact?


Please send an e-mail to [email protected] in order to request an interview with a delegate, or to request credentials for the event.

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