Thoren Hudyma - Director-at-large

As the Co-Chair of Equal Voice in British Columbia, I have been actively working to support our critical mandate. Through my candidacy for the Board as a National Member at Large, I will continue to serve our members, so we have a greater diversity of women’s voices at the table throughout all levels of government.

I have been a volunteer with Equal Voice for over a decade and have worked here in British Columbia, and with colleagues and Board Members across the country. I’ve worked in politics, in government and most importantly as a volunteer on multiple campaigns for women who run. As a female member of the management team at a national public affairs firm that fully supports the mandate of Equal Voice, I’ve been fortunate to share resources on fundraising, communications, events and administration. These are important functions for an organization like ours.

As a mom to two young girls, I know our work at Equal Voice is central to ensuring and establishing policies that truly represent women. Working hard for Equal Voice on initiatives like Systemic Change is critical in order to engage and influence elected officials to support our work. Thank you for considering my candidacy.



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