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What can I do?


  1. Become politically active
  2. Learn more about our political system
  3. Join a political party
  4. Volunteer
  5. Vote
  6. Nominate a woman
  7. Join Equal Voice
  8. Could you be a Member of Parliament?
  9. Who to call to inquire about running for office

Become more ACTIVE in Politics!

Learn more about our political system

Parliament of Canada

Government of Canada

Your municipal government Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Join a Political Party

Access is power!

Bloc Quebecois

Conservative Party of Canada

Jenni Byrne
Phone: 613-755-2000
99 - 1500 Bank Street, Suite 603
Ottawa, ON, K1H 1B8




Green Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada

New Democratic Party of Canada

James Pratt: Organizer, Candidate Search

Phone: 613-236-3616 ext. 2251

Email: jpratt@fed.ndp.ca




If you are considering a run for office, the best way to learn about campaigns is to volunteer on one!

If there's a campaign going on in your town/city/province consider volunteering for a local candidate that you like. Campaigns need people to call potential voters, put up signs and posters, knock on doors, drop off flyers, fundraise, answer phones, attend rallies and election events.

Elected officials often need volunteers in their constituency offices as well to help with organizing and attending events as well as answering phones. Just drop in and ask if you can be of assistance.

To learn more, visit our online campaign school called "Getting to the Gate," at www.gettingtothegate.com.


Voting is the easiest and best way to make a difference. Exercise your right to vote.

Find out more about voting at www.elections.ca
Encourage others to vote on election day.
Drive a friend to the polls, or lending a helping hand to friends with children to make sure they get out and vote.

Nominate a Woman

If you are active in your local political party and you know a woman who is smart enough, tough enough and energetic enough to take on the challenge of political office, get her involved and support her nomination AND/OR run yourself.

Elections Canada has forms for nominations here.

If you are considering running for a nomination to represent a political party, it is essential that you do a lot of networking at all levels of the party. The most important skill in winning a nomination meeting is your ability to sign up new members from your riding and ensure that they come out to vote for you on the day of the nomination meeting. Make sure that you learn about all the rules associated with the party's membership process to avoid surprizes. Ask questions about membership cut off dates and familarize yourself with your party's rules on the nomination process. Don't wait for the nomination meeting to be called before you start recruiting supporters.

Get out and talk to other people who have won or lost nomination races to see what advice they have about how the process works for your political party.

To learn more, visit our online campaign school called "Getting to the Gate," at www.gettingtothegate.com.


Democratic reform The federal government and several provincial governments are examining democratic reform - to find a way to get more people involved in elections. Proportional representation in all its forms is taken into consideration. The experience of proportional representation in other countries shows that proportional representation, particularly in counties where there are multiple members, can help increase the number of women candidates. Check www.reformedemocratique.gc.ca

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Could you be an M.P.?

Luckily it's not difficult!

Professional Requirements for a Member of Parliament:
MPs come from all backgrounds.
Sense of humour an asset.

Personal qualities:
Interest in helping run your country, often at odd hours. Desire to make things better. Common sense.
Team player, loyal to party.
Self-esteem and thick skin, i.e. willingness to accept constructive criticism, and put up with unfair criticism.
Outgoing personality, good communication skills.
The capacity to listen, smile, nod, joke if appropriate, avoid clear commitments and move on quickly.

The job:
An MP influences federal laws and programs through debates in the House and work on all-party committees. She usually follows party lines.
MPs can raise policy issues in party caucuses. Opposition MPs can also influence government policy through questions in the House.
An MP maintains an office on Parliament Hill, with staff, and a constituency office, also staffed, where constituents seek help with a wide variety of issues.
She also plays a role in her political party, and takes part in local events and official functions as a party representative.
If that sounds a lot, remember what Ottawa mayor Charlotte Whitton famously said:
"Whatever she does, a woman must do twice as well as any man to be thought just half as good. Luckily, it's not difficult"

Can you squeeze by on $155,400 per year, plus allowances and office expenses, while bringing a modern woman's perspective to what has often been called the "male club" of Parliament?

Essentials for first-time candidates and first-term MPs:
Good walking shoes for going door to door.
Campaign funds (federal spending limits and candidate and party subsidies help here).
Friends who campaign.
A tolerance for frequent travel and rubber chicken.
An affinity for attending many meetings..
Support for running the household in your absence.
You need to inquire about the nomination process for your political party. Get out and talk to people who have been through the process and learn as much as you can about the rules associated with the nomination process. You also need to do a lot of networking within your political party.

Assets for the cabinet bound:
Unswerving loyalty to leader.
Ability to learn quickly on any of the following: taxation, national security, international conflict reduction, justice, family law, child care benefits, unemployment insurance, electoral reform, public health, fisheries, environmental protection, immigration, culture and heritage; federal-provincial relations, Indian affairs, status of women.

You can do it!

Become part of the 52 per cent solution!

If you are interested in running for office or joining a political party, please click here for contact information.

Get involved... in equal voice chapters from coast to coast.
Find one near you, or perhaps even start a chapter.

Getting to the Gate Online Campaign School:
For women of all ages, back- grounds & walks of life interest- ed in running for public office.




























Thanks also to the Government of Canada (Status of Women & Canadian Heritage) for their financial support.