Sonia Kont - Director (Alberta)

Born in eastern Turkey, Sonia is a proud Canadian of Kurdish heritage. As early as 16 years old, Sonia was involved in Canadian general elections and continues to ensure that the right people get in office. She continues to serve on her local provincial and federal constituency boards.

Sonia was the past president of the PC Youth of Alberta, where she advocated for the next generation of leaders. Sonia was a member of the negotiating team between the Wildrose and PC Party and helped create a framework for the United Conservative Party of Alberta (UCP). She also served as a director and chaired the communications committee on the UCP board. She also was the campaign chair for Minister Savage’s successful nomination race. Sonia is a proud member of Equal Voice, Southern Alberta Steering Committee.

Since joining Equal Voice Southern Alberta, Sonia has been one of the co-leads for the #Campaign101 program. Sonia has had the opportunity to help organize several well-attended workshops in Calgary. This included workshops focused on media, communications and campaign strategy with several high profile panelists. Most recently, #Campaign101 teamed up with Facebook to promote online safety of women in politics.

Sonia is a passionate Albertan and would be interested in representing her province at the national level. She believes that her years of governance and community work will bring a fresh perspective to the table. As a big believer in transparency and accountability, Sonia hopes to advocate those values on the national board and push for greater public trust in the organization.

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