Social Media Manager (2 spots) - Emma Maris

Emma Maris is a lawyer, living in Mississauga, called to the Ontario bar in 2002. Emma has had a broad litigation practice, including aboriginal law, professional negligence, medical malpractice, institutional abuse and personal injury. She previously worked for the Cornwall Public Inquiry, established by the Government of Ontario to inquire into events surrounding allegations of abuse and the response of the justice system and other public institutions. Emma has also earned Honours degrees in political science and criminology, focusing her studies on women in politics and gender equality. Emma has a long history of volunteerism and activism. Recently, she has been an active volunteer in local schools, providing literacy support, along with being an active volunteer with Equal Voice Toronto. Emma has also volunteered for political campaigns, most recently as Social Media Chair for a campaign in the 2019 federal election. Emma has a passion for issues of gender equality, specifically interested in media narratives of women in politics. Emma is an avid social media user, anxious to apply those skills to spread awareness of Equal Voice, grow its membership, particularly with younger voters, in furtherance of the goal of gender parity in politics.

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