Shubha Sandill - Director-at-large

Shubha Sandill is an academic, entrepreneur and community activist. With a Ph.D. in Geography and a second Masters in Globalization from McMaster University, she teaches in the Law & Society program at York University, with a research focus on global gender justice and socio-legal & policy reforms. Shubha is an award-winning academic and a regular presenter at international platforms including Oxford Women's Leadership Symposium. Her research about law, equality and entrepreneurship, funded by Osgoode Hall Law School, has been widely published in journals such as the American Journal of Academic Perspectives, academic books and Institute for Research on Public Policy Journal

Shubha has been just as active in grassroots advocacy as a Board Director at Ontario Council for International Cooperation contributing to their efforts in implementing Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy & Civil Society Partnership Policy, and working towards the realization of Agenda 2030: UN Sustainable Development Goals. She also served as a Board Director at Neighbour-to-Neighbour Hamilton.

An avid advocate for advancing women’s civic leadership, Shubha served as the VP of Fundraising for both Federal & Provincial Liberal Associations and ran many local campaigns. She is the founding President of Hamilton Region Women's Liberal Association, engaging women from all Hamilton ridings in discussions on policy, youth leadership, mentorship and promotes gender balance in politics. Shubha is also the current Vice President, South-Central Region for Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, overseeing 17 Ontario ridings, amplifying women’s voices and helping them navigate the pathways to politics.

Shubha was a Federal Liberal Nomination candidate in Hamilton in 2019 – an experience that encouraged her to help promote gender, diversity and inclusion in politics and empower more women to step up and run for office.


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