Shubha Sandill - Director-at-large

Shubha Sandill is an academic with a passion for community activism. With a Ph.D in Geography and Masters in Globalization, she has been teaching Gender Justice in the Law and Society program at York University.

An avid advocate for advancing women’s civic leadership and political participation, Shubha was the VP Fundraising for both HWAD Federal & Provincial Liberal Associations, where she capitalized on fundraising opportunities through community partnerships and donor relationships. As VP South-Central for Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, she currently oversees 17 ridings, helping women navigate the pathways to politics.

Shubha has been just as active in grassroots activism as a Board Director for organizations such as Ontario Council for International Cooperation and Hamilton Organizing for Poverty Elimination. As a Board Director for Equal Voice, she would bring a wealth of experience in fundraising, strategic planning, partnership building, communications, and public engagement.

Shubha recently ran for the Federal Liberal Nomination in Hamilton, further details: This experience encouraged her to promote diversity and inclusion in politics, and empower many more women to run for office. By joining EV National Board, Shubha aims to support women through their political journey at all levels of politics, across party lines.

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