Sharmila Setaram - Past Chair

It has been a privilege to serve as Chair and Vice-Chair of Equal Voice, and I am proud of the work we – our board, staff, and chapters have undertaken in the last year to transform the organization.  We have made significant strides in evolving the organizational culture and increasing transparency and accountability.

When I became Chair, I asked the Board to commit to focusing on delivering three goals in order to elevate the organization:

  • Goal 1: Set the strategic direction 2020-2024 for Equal Voice by overseeing and approving the development of a Strategic Plan with adequate resourcing and capacity investments as well as realistic goals and benchmarks to ensure its success.
  • Goal 2: Review Equal Voice’s strategy with Chapters, the Advisory Committee, political parties, and members to ensure programs and initiatives are grounded in EV’s policies and aligned with the Strategic Plan.
  • Goal 3: Develop a (policy) governance framework and corresponding documents ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) is incorporated into all aspects.

We achieved these three goals and much more, some highlights include:

  • Issued a public statement on our Plan to Do Better
  • Enhanced board training on governance and EDI responsibilities
  • Reduced membership fees
  • Approved EV’s first Individual Giving fundraising strategy
  • Approved 13 organizational policy documents, and discussed several more
  • Implemented a 360 ED Performance Evaluation (2019-2020)

As a former municipal city councillor candidate, I know first-hand how important an organization like Equal Voice is in championing women and gender-diverse peoples’ involvement in politics.  Thank you. 

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