Safae Ahbib - Candidate (Director at Large)

Safae has diverse experience in gender parity. In engineering: Safae was President of the Polytechnic Chapter of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, Founder of the CSCE Montreal Student Section, Head of the Marrainage Program, Marianne-Marechal Chair for the Promotion of Engineering to Women, where she was matching new students and advanced students with engineers and was also involved with the Awesome Tour, a conference program that inspires interest in a science career in elementary and secondary schools.

In management: Safae is a graduate and ambassador for Effet A. In politics: Safae helped the QLP and LPC, through calls, door-to-door, accompanying candidates, organizing fundraising events and meeting with local communities. Safae was secretary, recruitment chair and organization chair of the LPC Women’s Commission (Quebec). Working with the party, she reviewed the licensing processes and reviewed the organization’s strategies to maximize financial support and volunteer recruitment in preparation for the next election

In order to study the issue of equality as a whole, without party choice, Safae created the nonpartisan group Femmes en Action, made up of women, men and anyone interested in the issue.

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