Safae Ahbib

Candidate - Director (Quebec)

Safae has diverse experience working towards parity.

In engineering: Safae was the President of the Polytechnique Chapter of the Canadian Association of Civil Engineering, the founder of the Montreal student wing, head of the Marrainage program of the Marianne-Marechal Chair for the promotion of women in Engineering, matching new students, advanced students, and engineers, as well as the Tournee Geniale conference program that promotes science as a career for elementary and high school students.

In management: Safae is a graduate and ambassador of l’effect A.

In politics: Safae helped the PLQ and the LPC, by phone banking, door knocking, supporting candidates, organizing fundraising activities, and meeting with local communities. Safae was Secretary, as well as VP recruitment and VP organizing for the women’s commission of the PLC (Quebec). In collaboration with the party, she reviewed the authorization processes and re-examined the organization's strategies to maximize financial support and volunteer recruitment, in preparation for the upcoming election.

In order to study the issue of equality as a whole, Safae created the non-partisan women in action group, made up of women, men, and anyone interested in the issue of equality.

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