Rachel Ann Kukulewich - Candidate (Ontario Director)

If you are looking for a Director who achieves results look no further!

I am a result-orientated, success, team-based, driven female. I look for opportunities to forward women’s rights and I won’t stop until I have achieved. Some examples of this drive have been my ability to implement a new female-driven horse racing product in the Province of Ontario during a time where horse racing wasn’t the desired portfolio for the sitting government. I have been a positive contributor to several City Council Committees and other high-profile projects.

As a dedicate public servant, I realized that the workplace was still a very male-dominated and gender bias environment. To ensure I could drive positive changes in the workplace, I became the Women’s Caucus Chair for the AMAPCEO Union. With this appointment, I now have a seat at the Equity table and can drive positive changes in many different areas of the Ontario Public Service. I have a passion to help others and have been successful with many different fundraising efforts I have led. To name a few I was successful in raising $47,000 for Cardiac Kids at Sick Kids Hospital, I was also successful in implementing the $2 million-dollar Thoroughbred Aftercare Program in Canada.

In my professional capacity, I currently work for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care in the Access and Privacy Office as a Senior Consultant. My primary role is to interrupt and apply the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

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