Rabi Al-Hassan - British Columbia Director

I am Ghanaian-Canadian and have lived, worked and served the Nanaimo community since immigrating here 16 years ago, being involved with Equal Voice for six years. A graduate of Vancouver Island University, where I gained separate degrees in Criminology, Global Studies, and Education, I am currently a K-12 substitute teacher.

Re-Finance & Fundraising: As a founding director of the registered charity, www.beesforbabar.org, I was involved, for 5 years, in associated fundraising, budgeting and distribution of donations—as well as regularly canvassing, over 6 years, for the Child Development Centre and Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Re-Legal experience: I have a Diploma in Criminology and have six years of continuous service, as a Community Representative, on Restorative Justice Commissions with the John Howard Society.

Re-Political Acuity: I was instrumental in forming the Afro-Caribbean Club at VIU and became its first elected president. I campaigned and canvassed to successfully elect the first black member to the Nanaimo City Council.

Re-Equity, diversity and inclusion: I was raised in a mixed Christian/Muslim household in which I developed key insights into blending disparate viewpoints. I was a coordinator for Youth Advocacy On Rights & Opportunities in Ghana. As a Haven Society volunteer, over 5 years, I foster the integrity and safety of women, children and families by advocating for and giving voice to vulnerable women, enabling them to better manage their lives.  As a teacher, I implement inclusion/equity tactics on a daily basis.  During Covid19 I deliver food to vulnerable community members.

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