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Breaking Barriers: A panel discussion on Transgender Inclusion in Canadian Politics

The next series of Equal Voice's workshop series will be facilitated by ProudPolitics Canada

In this collaborative event between Equal Voice, ProudPolitics, and Wisdom2Action, we will be hosting a panel discussion with transgender candidates and leaders, from across the political spectrum. The topic of discussion will be the progress of transgender inclusion in Canadian politics. Through the personal journeys of our multi-partisan panellists, the discussion will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by Canada’s transgender community when navigating and engaging with political parties, building a profile with constituents and the local community, and running for office.

*Pre-registration is required. 

About ProudPolitics Canada:

ProudPolitics believes that the best way to empower LGBTIQ+ communities across Canada, is through greater civic representation: have more diverse, inspirational, and competent openly LGBTIQ+ leaders, of all political stripes, serving the public through elected office, and on public boards, commissions, and agencies. ProudPolitics envisions these leaders championing greater inclusion from across the political spectrum.

October 28, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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