We want to create a climate where more women are elected to govern Canada.


Equal Voice offers a variety of programming, public awareness campaigns, and initiatives to promote the involvement and election of women to all levels of political office.









Daughters of the Vote

100 years ago, some women in three Canadian provinces (Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) won the right to vote in provincial elections. A year later, that same right was extended to a limited number of women in federal elections.

Following these partial victories, it would take another 45 years for the majority of women living in Canada (over the age of 18), including indigenous women living on federal reserves, to win the right to vote.

Our Invitation

Equal Voice invited young women from the ages of 18 to 23 to apply to be one of 338 who will take their seats in Parliament (from coast to coast to coast), literally. One young woman was chosen from every federal riding in Canada to represent their community and to communicate their vision for Canada.

Our Objective

To ensure that these 338 emerging young women leaders, among others, become familiar with Canada’s political institutions and those women and men serving in them– so that they are equipped and inspired to participate in the formal political sphere in the years and decades to come.

Our Ultimate Goal

To ensure that women are dynamic and equal participants at every political decision making table in the country.

Website:  www.daughtersofthevote.ca



EVE Award 

In partnership with Equal Voice National Capital Region and Equal Voice Toronto, Equal Voice honours annually two outstanding women for their contributions to advancing women in public life. 

EVE Award recipients are honoured at a special luncheon, hosted in collaboration with the Canadian Club in both Toronto and Ottawa. Recipients are chosen by each chapter in consultation with the National Office. 

To read more about previous recipients, click below.  

Recipients honoured in Toronto: 

Andrea Horwath

Isabel Bassett

The Honourable Anne McLellan

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell

Frances Lankin

Her Worship, Hazel McCallion

The Honourable Flora MacDonald

Carolyn Bennett

Lisa MacLeod

Recipients honoured in Ottawa:  

Alison Redford 

Elizabeth May

Belinda Stronach 

Leona Aglukkaq


Daughters of the Vote Legacy

This project will provide meaningful leadership opportunities for young women as they identify and advance issues directly impacting girls’ and women's  equality.

Through DOV Legacy program, young women will develop and deliver a total of five regional initiatives to address priority issues they have identified for action, and will engage in policy discussions with various levels of government. The young women will be supported through regional and national networks and online communities to enhance leadership in election positions from provinces and territories will also support the young women in carrying out their initiatives.


From Votes to Victory

Equal Voice will develop various tools that will be widely accessible (free of charge) to women in Canada in order to accelerate the ways in which they engage in the political sphere. These tools will explore the road that led to women obtaining the right to vote in federal elections and will leverage how women in Canada currently use technology, provide incentives to increase their degree of engagement with the political sphere, demystify the attributes required to become a successful political actor and provide tangible insight into running a successful campaign. 



National Campaigns 

10th Anniversary Leadership Summit: Leveraging Women's Leadership for the 21st Century 

Be Her or Support Her 2010

Be the candidate or support another woman in doing so

Canada Challenge 2009:

Building the Momentum to Elect More Women in Canada

National Public Awareness Campaign

Getting to the Gate Online Campaign School

Deep Roots, Strong Wings 

A dynamic and engaging Campaign School designed to support Aboriginal women seeking leadership roles or elected office in their communities

The Canada Challenge 2007:

Electing More Women to the House of Commons

National Speakers Bureau




Regional Campaigns 


The Ontario Challenge 2007:

Electing More Women to Queen's Park


Regional Chapters




Youth Outreach 


National Youth Chapter




Equal Voice Experiences



Take a Girl to Vote


Equal Voice has launched its Canada-wide initiative, Take a Girl to Vote, in partnership with the YWCA Canada, Apathy is Boring, Girl Guides of Canada, The Historica-Dominion Institute, the Canadian Women’s Foundation, and the Girls Actions Foundation.


This campaign invites Canadians to commit to taking a girl or young women of pre-voting age to the ballot on voting day of the federal election.


Equal Voice invites women and men to invest in them as engaged voters, potential candidates, and future leaders.  


Pledge forms and campaign information can be found at www.takeagirltovote.org



Take a Girl to Vote partners and supporters at launch in Toronto, April 20th. 
Press conference featuring federal candidates Olivia Chow, Yasmin Ratasani, Rachel Barney, and MPP Elizabeth Witmer. 


iCommit Campaign: Vote, Run, Lead


Using the catch phrase iCommit to Vote/Run/Lead,  EV is encouraging young women to not only commit to voting themselves on May 2, but to also lead their friends and peers to the polls to do the same. 


Further, young women are invited to champion the cause of electing more women and, ultimately, to consider running for office or running a campaign themselves at the university, community or provincial/territorial/federal level.  


Equal Voice and its partners at the YWCA Canada, Apathy is Boring, the Girls Action Foundation, and the Canadian Women’s Foundation are inviting young women to share their views and experiences online through iCommit statements, YouTube videos, and other social media tools.  


Participate in the campaign at our website, www.iCommit.org, and on Twitter using #iCommit. 

 Image take from http://www.gazette.uottawa.ca


Getting More Women on the Ballot 


Federal Election 2011

With nominations now closed, there are 407 women running for the five majour parties in Canada. Equal Voice has tracked and published the entire list of female federal candidates.

If members are not compelled or do not have the opportunity to support a female candidate in their area, EV asks that voters find a candidate in another riding that they can support.    


Individuals can donate their time, resources or simply spread the word about a female candidate or candidates that reflect their values. 


Summary of female candidates numbers across Canada. 


Female candidates by region, riding and party affiliation:




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Getting to the Gate Online Campaign School:
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Thanks also to the Government of Canada (Status of Women & Canadian Heritage) for their financial support.