Program Details and Costs

What is the program/schedule for the events in Ottawa?


The Equal Voice team is working hard to build an exceptional program for the events in Ottawa. We are still in the earlier planning stages, however here (link) is the general program outline, as well as the programs from previous iteration of the program (links).

Note: the 2021 program outline is subject to change. Equal Voice will do its best to communicate all program changes as early as possible.

Do I need to attend the entire program?


Yes. Delegates are expected to be fully available and attend events for the duration of the entire program. While no workshop or event is mandatory, delegates will be provided multiple options during most time slots to ensure there is something for everyone!

What costs are covered for delegates who are selected?


Equal Voice will cover all reasonable expenses related to participation of delegates in the program. This includes (but is not be limited to):

  • Travel (within Canada only) for delegates from their home to Ottawa.
  • Shared accommodation with 1 (or more) delegates in a hotel in Ottawa.
  • Three meals per day of the program.
  • On-site registered Childcare.
  • Other reasonable expenses related to the program, to be determined by Equal Voice.

We recommend that delegates bring $100 with them for personal spending, but this is not required to participate in the program, as all essential costs will be covered.

Do I need to share a room with someone?


Generally, delegates will be expected to share a room with another delegate participating in the program. Upon selection, delegates will receive more detailed information regarding accommodations. There will be a limited number of single rooms available for accessibility or other reasons on a case-by-case basis. However, given the limited number of hotel rooms available, we cannot guarantee approval of all requests received.

Selected delegates will be asked to provide more detailed information regarding their accessibility requirements. It is important to EV that delegates be able to partake fully in the program and we are committed to making DoV accessible to all.

What costs are NOT covered for delegates who are selected?


Equal Voice is not in a position to cover the following expenses.:

  • Lost wages for time off work.
  • General spending money for souvenirs or other personal items.
  • Travel to Ottawa from outside of Canada. (If you are currently residing outside of Canada, you are responsible for all costs and time associated with returning to either Ottawa or to your home riding in Canada ahead of the program, as well as your return).
  • Travel and accommodation for dependents/partners/spouses/parents, except where there is an accessibility need. This will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Medical or travel insurance for participating delegates.
  • Medications or supplements (prescription or over the counter medicines).
  • Costs associated with non-program activities (i.e. if delegates choose to attend a non-program related event while in Ottawa).
  • Taxis/travel costs to get you to and from the airport/bus/train from your hometown, except where there is an accessibility need.

I have to miss school/work to attend this program. Will EV provide me with a written letter?


Yes. EV can provide a letter to delegates confirming their participation in the program. EV cannot, however, provide medical or legal notes for employers or educational institutions. Whether or not your employer or educational institution accepts the letter is at their sole discretion.

Will I get to sit in the House of Commons if I am selected as a delegate?


No program components are confirmed for the 2021 program. Acceptance to the program does not guarantee the opportunity to speak in, or sit in, the House of Commons.

Will I get to meet my MP or another elected official of my choice if I participate in the program? Do I have to meet my MP?


We encourage delegates to meet with their MP if they are comfortable doing so. In the past both delegates and MPs have found these meetings very enriching.  EV cannot guarantee that you will have the opportunity to meet any individual or elected official ahead of, during, or after the program. EV will not be organizing one-on-one meetings between delegates and MPs; however we will facilitate contact with consent from delegates.

Delegates are not obligated to meet with their MP, and meeting any MP is not a requirement of the program.

Do I need to and/or should I book my own travel and accommodations?


No. Please do not book any travel or accommodations. Equal Voice will book all travel and accommodations for delegates. Delegates will not be reimbursed if they book their own travel or accommodations.

Will childcare be provided?


EV will provide on-site childcare for delegates dependent children the duration of the program by registered caregivers at no personal expense to delegates. If selected, delegates will receive more detailed information, and at that time will be provided the opportunity to indicate whether or not they would like to use this free service during the program.

I have dietary restrictions - will I be able to eat all the meals?


Selected delegates will receive more detailed information, and will be asked to provide any allergies or dietary restrictions at that time. EV and partner venues will do their best to accomodate all dietary restrictions and allergies.

Our meal plan is already built to meet the needs of the following diets: Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Peanut-Free.

If you have significant restrictions beyond what is listed above, or serious allergies, you will have the opportunity once selected to speak with a delegate officer. At that time, EV will inform you of whether or not we can fully meet your dietary restrictions and needs, and come up with a plan so you can fully participate in the program.

What kind of services and resources will EV provide for delegates during the program?

  • EV is still in the planning stages of DOV 2021, but will to date be providing the following services/resources to delegates:
  • Cost-free child care.
  • Counsellors/support workers available 24/7.
  • There will be Indigenous Elders on site for the duration of the program.
  • A prayer room has been reserved on-site with 24/7 access.
  • If you require additional religious or cultural accommodation, more detailed information will be sent out and delegates will be invited to share more information about what they require in order to fully participate in the program.
  • EV staff will be on-site 24/7 to answer questions and help with any issues that may arise.
  • A third-party ombudsperson will be available 24/7 to help resolve any issues relating to harassment, bullying, or conflict that may occur between delegates.
  • Subject to date and time availability, volunteers will be made available to attend meetings during business hours with delegates who may not be comfortable or are nervous about attending on their own (i.e., meeting an MP or Senator).
  • Decompression room space.

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