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Women running in the 2019 federal election

The 2019 Federal Election is an opportunity to change the face of Canadian Politics, and to make it more representative of Canada. Equal Voice is highlighting the women who've put their names forward for all political parties - because we want to do politics differently.

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This is a directory of nominated candidates, and does not constitute an endorsement by Equal Voice or its partners and affiliates. If you wish to make a correction, inform us of an error, request a change to any of the included information, or have a candidate added or removed, please email nasha@equalvoice.ca.


Equal Voice tracking women running in the 2019 federal election

Equal Voice will be tracking women running in the federal election, offering its members a chance to see, at a glance the women candidates in their riding, their province and how many each party has put forward.

Who is running for what

Check out Equal Voice's women candidate list.

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