Patricia Dack - Candidate (Director at Large)

Patricia Dack is the former Executive Director of the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, a national non-profit organization focused on social justice, diversity and inclusion and gender equity. Through her work with the non-profit’s grant program, Patricia lead the Grant Assessment Team through a funding process benefiting hundreds of grassroots projects both internationally and in Canada. This work advanced gender equality, addressed poverty, advocated for literacy, championed First Nations rights and fought for the protection of children.

Patricia holds Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario; in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University; and a certificate in Broadcast Journalism from Seneca College. She has also reported the news for A-Channel Windsor and CHCH News in Hamilton and worked in the CTV National and CTV Toronto Newsrooms. 

Patricia has represented a Canadian perspective in international meetings in Grenada and New York. She was also a key organizer of Caught in Traffick, a national women’s gathering educating the public on human trafficking in Canada.

As a board member of Equal Voice, Patricia brings a wealth of experience working with Board of Directors, staff members and volunteers from across Canada

As a woman of colour, Patricia is passionate about diversity and proportional representation. Diversity is a reality, a fact of life in Canada which is a country of immigrants. Including that diversity in all aspects of politics will ultimately make for a better more inclusive discourse.

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