Nicole Foster

National Chair

Nicole Foster

Equal Voice National Chair Nicole Foster has served on the Board of Directors since 2015 and has been an active volunteer during that time, including chairing the Communications committee as well as the historic Daughters of the Vote program.

Nicole has been a long-time and passionate advocate for women in politics, having first become involved with Equal Voice over 12 years ago when she served on the Ottawa chapter steering committee. She has been active in numerous political campaigns and events. She served two terms as President of the National Women’s Liberal Commission (NWLC) on the Liberal Party of Canada’s national board of directors. The NWLC’s mandate is to ensure equal participation of women and men at all levels of the Party, to represent and promote the interests of women within the Party and to encourage the active participation of women at all levels of Party activities.

Nicole is also Head of AWS Public Policy (Canada) at Amazon, where she leads the company’s public policy efforts in support of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) business in Canada, including the federal and provincial levels of government. In this role, she focuses on issues such as cloud computing, cyber security, data protection, government procurement and acquisition issues, and renewable energy policy.

Prior to joining Amazon in 2018, Nicole led the Toronto office for Global Public Affairs, providing senior public affairs counsel to a diverse range of clients, including both the private and not-for-profit organizations. Nicole worked with clients in a variety of sectors including natural resources, health, infrastructure, retail, consumer and gaming.

Before joining Global in 2004, Nicole worked for a number of years in political roles in Ottawa, including as the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of the Environment. She also worked in the rural affairs portfolio as well as Status of Women and Multiculturalism.

Nicole currently serves on the steering committee for the GTA Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce. She is a former Director on the Board of the Government Relations Institute of Canada, a member of the Women's Executive Network, and the Canadian Study of Parliament Group. Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Culture Studies with an extended minor in Political Science from Simon Fraser University.

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