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Equal Voice News Equal Voice Summer Newsletter 2010

Anne McLellan: the Recipient of the 2010 EVE Award

“As Equal Voice says, ‘Be her (the candidate), and for all the women who cannot be her (for whatever reason), please support her.’' " - Anne McLellan, former Deputy Prime Minister and M.P. for Edmonton West

- On April 30, the Hon. Anne McLellan, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and former Member of Parliament for Edmonton West, was awarded the 2010 EVE Award in recognition of her achievements in political life.

Ms. McLellan delivered an inspiring speech to 400 guests at a luncheon held at the Royal York Hotel in partnership with the Canadian Club of Toronto. She discussed how women and men can work together to develop effective strategies to elect more women at all levels of government.

Ms. McLellan lamented the fact that, unfortunately, not a lot has changed since her generation of women first began working on the issues of women’s political representation. She noted a pervasive democratic deficit, where 52 percent of our country’s population find themselves overwhelmingly underrepresented as policy and lawmakers in Canada’s halls of power. The former Deputy Prime Minster underscored that the resolution of this democratic deficit is critical to our growth as a nation. In her view, the equal representation of women is about changing society at the most fundamental level.

The EVE Award is given to a woman who has achieved significant success in her political career or to a person who has made a significant contribution to advancing women in political life. Previous recipients of the EVE Award are former Prime Minister Kim Campbell, Member of Parliament Carolyn Bennett, the Honourable Flora MacDonald, Her Worship Mayor Hazel McCallion, and former Ontario provincial cabinet minister Frances Lankin.

For full coverage of the speech, please see the blog post by Mary Anne Carter, Carleton University's EV Chapter President, "Anne McLellan: the Recipient of the 2010 EVE Award" as you take a sneak peek at our new Official Blog: Canadian Women in Politics.


The Findings from Samara’s New Report: “The Accidental Citizen”

Samara, a Canadian based charitable organization that studies citizen engagement within Canadian democracy, released a fascinating report this month entitled The Accidental Citizen. Co-authored by Micheal MacMillan and Alison Loat, the report analyzes exit interviews taken from 65 Members of Parliament (MPs) who served in Canada’s 38th and 39th Parliaments (2004-2008). It presents findings as to how these MPs chose a life in politics and their reflections surrounding their decisions to run.

Please see the blog post by Giovanna Mingarelli, EV's Communications and Membership Liaison, regarding why these findings are significant to women: Why Anyone Can Run: Equal Voice looks at Findings from Samara’s Report “The Accidental Citizen”.


The G(irls) 20 Summit, Toronto (June 15 - June 26)

In the lead-up to the G8 and G20 Meetings in Toronto this June, former federal Parliamentarian, the Honourable Belinda Stronach, led the convening of the first global G(irls) 20 Summit through her organization, the Belinda Stronach Foundation. This summit brought together one female delegate from each country represented at the G20, plus one for the African Union.

Over the course of the summit, these twenty-one young women deliberated over issues affecting girls and women globally. They participated in workshops, interacted with a diversity of politicians and talked together about their concerns and ideas for how to empower girls and women. At the end of the summit, they released a communiqué which set out their priorities to improve the lives of girls and women everywhere. Read the blog post from Leah Stuart-Sheppard, Canadian delegate to the summit, regarding her experience.

Read Equal Voice's new blog post by Leah Stuart-Sheppard, Canadian delegate to the summit, regarding her experience.


A Message from Beki Scott, Equal Voice National Youth Chair:

EV’s National Youth Chair of Equal Voice, Beki Scott, will be stepping down and an open call is now being made for those interested in taking on the position. Equal Voice will be holding an e-election where all youth members will be eligible to participate in selecting the next National Youth Chair.

EV’s National Youth Chair is responsible for developing and implementing a national action plan to increase the number of youth chapters on university and college campuses across the country. In addition, the newly elected Chair will work with representatives from youth chapters on the design and implementation of programming regarding youth engagement activities promoting the election of more women in Canada.

The new Chair must be an Equal Voice member in good standing. The position is open to individuals who are 26 years old or younger at the time of application. Interested candidates should provide a short biography (150 words maximum) to by July 16th 2010 (extended from June 28). Elections will be held via e-vote later in the month and results announced to all members.

Check out Beki's new blog post on Equal Voice Youth: Beki Scott Says Farewell as Equal Voice's National Youth Chair.

Equal Voice's Online Community

“When we change the way we communicate, we change society.” – Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody: the Power of Organizing without Organizations.

Since March, the Equal Voice website has undergone an extensive search engine optimization campaign to better assist Canadians in finding our presence online.

We have also developed a new social media platform, where you can now find us on: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and on our new official blog: Canadian Women in Politics, as part of our effort to enhance EV's conversations with our members, supporters and elected officials about women in Canadian politics.

In addition to expanding our social media efforts, several individuals with Equal Voice are the first in Canada to be part of a new test community for IfWeRanTheWorld (IWRTW). Cindy Gallop, Founder and CEO of IWRTW, describes it as "a radically simple web platform designed to turn good intentions into action, and to make anything you want to happen, happen, one micro-action at a time."

"IfWeRanTheWorld activates online social networking into a new dimension of self-identification and self-expression via 'Action Branding'. Active Branding means you are what you do - and is a for-profit venture that helps brands and businesses work together with individuals to activate corporate good intentions, through Action Programs designed to do good and make money simultaneously."

So far, this enticing platform has provided the framework for a number of new action platforms being spearheaded by Giovanna Mingarelli, Minh (Lulu) Luu, Mary Anne Carter, and Paroma Ray at EV National, including all of the logistical planning surrounding “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

We encourage EV supporters and members to join us and help expand our growing digital community.


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Cocktail Reception

Ottawa - On June 8, Equal Voice and Experiences partnered to host “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a networking reception for young women. This was the second Particip8 event of 2010: Embracing Young Women in Canadian Politics.

Overlooking Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower, approxinately 100 guests- ranging from the seasoned politician to young professional women and men - mingled atop Mambo’s rooftop patio at 77 Clarence Street in the Byward Market. Looking to be inspired by politics, though not necessarily involved politically, guests enjoyed the networking event and opportunity to meet with a number of Members of Parliament from all political parties. The event was a heralded a success by EV, Experiences and EV’s esteemed guests.

We sincerely thank all of the events organizers and volunteers for making this night possible, including: Fran Gagnon, Lynne Hamilton, Courtney Bragg, Nancy Peckford, Minh Lulu and Giovanna Mingarelli.

Equal Voice sincerely thanks Gowlings and Status of Women Canada and for their support. For additional coverage of this event, and for photos from the party, please see EV's blog post: "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Read the blog postWhat do you like most about politics by Minh (Lulu) Luu, EV's Project Manager (Membership), for a summary of guests' responses to the question of the night.

Caption: Fran Gagnon (Experiences), Rhowan Sivel (Gowlings), Janet Yale (Telus) and Giovanna Mingarelli (EV).


Equal Voice: Staff and Board Changes


Beki Scott will be stepping down as National Youth Chair this summer. We extend our warmest appreciation to Beki for all the time she has contributed to EV Youth and anticipate her continued presence on the national board.

Sherri Moore-Arbour, Chair of EV NCR, has taken a leave of absence. We thank her sincerely for her contribution to date and look forward to her continued engagement with the chapter.

Serena Lefort will also be leaving Equal Voice as EV’s National Treasurer, but will continue to serve the cause of electing more women in Canada by remaining active in national board activities.

EV would also like to sincerely thank Beth McSherry and Katie Lloyd for their contributions to Equal Voice as our outgoing Carleton University interns.


Joan Weinman joined Equal Voice’s National Board of Directors this past January and brings a wealth of communications expertise.

Giovanna Mingarelli joined Equal Voice in January of this year as Equal Voice’s Communications and Membership Liaison. 

Minh (Lulu) Luu joined Equal Voice in April as a Project Manager for Equal Voice.  

Effective as of this month, we welcome Raylene Lang-Dion back to Equal Voice as the Interim-Chair for Equal Voice, National Capital Region.

We are also pleased to welcome Shiraz Ings as our new national Treasurer.

Finally, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Mary-Anne Carter and Paroma Ray as EV National’s new summer volunteers.

Please click HERE for professional biographies of EV's new board members, staff and volunteers.


To contribute an article to our fall newsletter, or if you have questions or comments, please contact: Giovanna Mingarelli at Equal Voice National: Have a great summer!


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