OTTAWA - On May 16, Newfoundland and Labrador voted for a new representation in the House of Assembly. 9 out of 40 seats will be filled by women, resulting in 22.5% of the legislature being represented by women.

Equal Voice is pleased to see women didn’t lose ground in the legislature, but disappointed that less than a quarter of MHAs are women and the percentage of representation did not increase.

6 women hold 20 of the Liberal seats, while the PC party welcomed 2 women out of 15 and the NDP’s leader, Alison Coffin represents the one seat held by a woman out of 3 in her party.

Two seats were filled by independent candidates. A new political party, NL Alliance did not secure any seats in this election, but filled 9 candidates slots with 11% women representation.

The previous assembly originally held 25% women representation, but fell to 22.5% after MHA Cathy Bennett retired and her seat was filled with PC leader, Ches Crosbie.

This year 27% of candidates were women, which is the same percentage of women who ran in the 2015 election.

The Newfoundland and Labrador election date was set earlier than expected, leaving a shorter period of time than usual for parties to slot candidates.

Equal Voice congratulates all women who put their name on the ballot and we look forward to working with all elected members across party lines in the House of the Assembly.

Gina Hartmann

Outreach and Regional Coordinator - Atlantic

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