National Capital Region

Fun Facts

Women in Provincial Legislature

Charlotte Whitton: First Woman mayor of Ottawa

Women Mayors Across all Municipalities

Kathleen Wynne: First Woman Premier of Ontario and First Openly LGBT Premier

Women MPs from Ontario

Zanana Lorraine Akande: First Woman of Colour Elected into legislative Assembly of Ontario


The National Capital Region (NCR) chapter of Equal Voice was established in September 2004. The two principal purposes of this chapter are to:

  1. Host and organize public events to increase awareness about the significant under-representation of women in the federal Canadian political sphere;
  2. To encourage political parties and grassroots organizations to nominate and elect more women for all levels of political office.

Equal Voice NCR works to influence each major political party to ensure that they make a credible effort to promote the participation of women in politics and to help women secure nominations and win elections.

Equal Voice National Capital Region (EVNCR) Guiding Principles

We are a multi-partisan organization that strives to work with all political parties to nominate and elect more women.

We are committed to accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our work.

We strive in both our perspectives and practices, to challenge racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and oppression in all its forms in our community and in Canadian politics.

We take responsibility for making space for all voices in the community that EVNCR serves.

We are committed to being a visible ally. We are committed to having an accessible, diverse, and inclusive membership and programming in our effort to elect more women to all levels of political office in Canada. We do everything we can to identify and eliminate unfair biases, stereotypes or barriers that may limit full participation in our meetings and events.

Mission Statement.

The mission of Equal Voice (National Capital Region) is to raise awareness among key stakeholders and decision-makers in the National Capital Region of the under-representation of women in Canadian politics and to increase the number of women elected to political office in Canada so that women may have an equal voice in Canadian public affairs. Equal Voice (National Capital Region) is a multi-party, not-for-profit, bilingual, voluntary group of women and men in the National Capital Region who are committed to working for the equal representation of women and men in politics.


Our Chapter is headed by an executive committee which includes:

Lydia Blois & Hilary Martin

Marina Makris


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