Members of Parliament and Delegates

Will delegates get the chance to meet their Member of Parliament?


We hope that delegates will have an opportunity to meet their MP prior to the program.  However, meetings with MPs are not guaranteed.  All delegates representing a riding have been offered an opportunity by Equal Voice to be connected with their local MP. However, the decision to meet is at the sole discretion of the delegate and the MP. Neither party is obligated to meet with the other.

Can delegates meet with MPs from other ridings?


Delegates are welcome to reach out to MPs from anywhere across Canada.  However, Equal Voice will not be facilitating these meetings, as our focus is on connecting delegates with their local MPs, where possible.

How can I find and connect to the delegate for my riding?


Please send a request to [email protected] along with your name and reason for contacting them along with your contact information. We will then pass along your request to the delegate. It is entirely up to the delegate if they wish to follow-up on the request. 

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