Members at Large and Ex-officio

Nicole Foster

National Chair

Equal Voice National Chair Nicole Foster has served on the Board of Directors since 2015 and has been an active volunteer during that time, including chairing the Communications committee as well as the historic Daughters of the Vote program. Nicole has been a long-time and...

Sharmila Setaram


My name is Sharmila Setaram and my personal contribution to social change is a commitment to the empowerment of marginalized communities. Specifically, creating opportunities for girls and women to develop their leadership skills, take on leadership roles, find mentors, and feel equipped to participate in...

Lynne Hamilton

Immediate Past Chair

Lynne Hamilton has been a proud member of Equal Voice for close to 10 years and has served as National Chair since 2014. She is currently running for the position of Past Chair. In her current role, she guides the organization and has secured significant...

Eleni Bakopanos


Eleni Bakopanos is presently the interim Vice-President of the Quebec chapter of Equal Voice/A Voix Égales, has worked with Equal Voice while serving as a Member of Parliament and is putting her name forward for one of 7 non-chapter national Directors. Ms Bakopanos was first...

Pam Hrick


Pam is deeply committed to advocating for women’s equality and the advancement of women in public life. She would be thrilled to draw on her extensive political and legal experience to contribute to the governance and vital work of Equal Voice as a member of...

Chenthoori Malankov

National Director-at-Large

Chenthoori Malankov is a daughter of the Thamil diaspora she is a care-giver, artivist and grassroots organizer from Toronto with a Bachelor’s degree from York University in Sociology & Womyn Studies. Utilizing alternative platforms such as arts, education models she designs and facilitates workshops with...

Maymuna Mohamed

National Director-at-Large

Maymuna Mohamed is a spoken word artist out of Toronto and has been noted as a storyteller like no other. Her Artivism portrays a special narrative that always leaves the crowd wanting more. She's opened for legendary hip-hop band, The Roots and performs around The...

Marilyn Verghis

National Director-at-Large

Marilyn Verghis is an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) professional and passionate feminist activist. She graduated from McGill University's Institute for Studies in International Development with First Class Honours in International Development, Women's Studies and Economics. Marilyn's academic, professional and personal passions converge on the...

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