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The What:  How are women faring in politics in Canada?

  • So what exactly IS THE DEAL regarding women in politics in Canada? How well or poorly is Canada doing (apart from our six female premiers) and why does it matter? EV’s Fundamental Facts page with its Canadian and International reports gives you a better picture.
  • In partnership with Carleton University, Equal Voice is designing a web portal which will profile current Canadian research on four crucial aspects of women’s experiences in politics. Diving Deeper: A Better Understanding of Women's Experiences in Politics will allow women to Engage with Electorate Behaviour, Connect with Women's Participation in Public Life, Employ Exisiting and New Strategies to Promote Increased Women's Participation and Learn from Female Candidates' Experiences. Watch for the launch later this year!

Equal Voice’s One of a Kind Canada Challenge:

Before every federal election, Equal Voice works with all major federal parties on its Canada Challenge campaign.  Leveraging the good will we have generated in Ottawa and engaging in high diplomacy with party officials, Equal Voice secures before every federal election a shared commitment from the leaders of all major parties to field more women candidates. Read more about out 2007 and 2009 campaigns.  

In comparing the 2006 and 2011 federal elections, Equal Voice was pleased to see that 72 more women ran in 2011 (representing 28.5 percent of all candidates).

Our Signature Welcome Back to Parliament Event:

Equal Voice hosts its annual signature Welcome Back Event on Parliament Hill every fall for all MPs and Senators to raise awareness about the need for and value of more women in Parliament.

Our fall 2012 event focused on Optimal Performance: Balancing Work and Life in the World of Politics and Business and featured the Hon. Lisa Raitt, Nazanin Afshin Jam, Julie Jacobson, and Members of Parliament Justin Trudeau and Libby Davies.

Equal Voice in the Media

Equal Voice is the go to organization for comment on women in politics.  As a multipartisan organization with its eye on the numbers and women’s real time experiences in politics, we respond regularly to daily events and breakthroughs like the election of female premiers.  

Some highlights:



























Thanks also to the Government of Canada (Status of Women & Canadian Heritage) for their financial support.

Who Is Being Her. Supporting Her. Celebrating Her.

Vicky Smallman

Director, Women's & Human Rights, Canadian Labour Congress

"As a longtime member, I am proud to help build EV's membership so women can work together to confront our common challenges. A critical mass will make a difference for women's equality and I'm committed to helping us get there."

Kerry Patterson-Baker

Product and Partner Communications MBNA, a division of TD Bank Group

"Women remain stubbornly under-represented in Canada’s boardrooms and legislatures. I have long supported initiatives that work to remove the obstacles that limit a woman’s ability to take their rightful place as leaders and decision makers. This campaign illustrates the ways in which we can all move this important objective forward: BE her, SUPPORT her, CELEBRATE her. I hope you will help."

Lesia Babiak

Executive Director, Government Affairs, Johnson & Johnson

"Johnson & Johnson, Family of Companies in Canada has been a sponsor of Equal Voice since 2005. I am proud of Johnson & Johnson's involvement in helping to encourage more Canadian women to seek public office. But as in public life, so too must corporate Canada remove barriers for women keen to serve boards and lead in senior executive positions. Equal Voice is helping to change the face of Canadian politics, but also stimulating important discussion in corporate Canada. I am excited, personally and professionally, to be a part of the EV team."

Alison Loat

Co-founder, Samara

"A Parliament that better reflects the Canadian population is an important step toward making the institution more relevant to its citizens."

Dana Levac

Former National Treasurer, Equal Voice

"Because equipping women with the tools, knowledge and confidence to become leaders will yield to positive changes in all aspects of life. "

Claire Detheridge

Councillor of 31 yrs, Cape Breton Regional Municipality

"Women have a perspective that needs to expressed. We are an equal to our male counterparts; remember votes for women translate to stronger voices for women. "

Jackie DaSilva

Communications Co-Chair, EV Toronto

"I can only be what I can see: we need a critical mass of women in politics to finally turn the tide on the centuries-old perception of politics as an 'old boys club', into a world that is abundant with women's voices."

Mary Anne Carter

Equal Voice NCR Chapter Co-Chair

"I not only want more women in the House; I want more women managing finance, foreign affairs and national defence."

Megan Leslie

Former NDP MP president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada

"Working together we can reduce barriers for women in all aspects of politics from political research, writing and organizing, to running for elected office. Having legislatures and decision-making bodies that truly reflect gender balance in this country will create a better Canada for all Canadians – let’s get going!"

Laura Ross, MLA

Regina Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan

"Having capable, qualified women elected to public office is important in the development of well balanced policies."

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