Marian Nur

Equity Coordinator

Marian Nur

Marian Nur is a first generation Somali-Canadian born in Ottawa. Marian found her love of volunteering and development at a young age, having come from a family with deep ties to the Somali community and working within international development. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa, and was engaged on campus as an executive member of the Muslim student association, as well as a member of the Black Student Leadership Association. She is an active contributor to the Ottawa Somali community as an organizer for Run for the Horn, a non-profit that works to gather funds for hospitals in Somalia, as well as working to de-stigmitize and bring awareness to mental health challenges within the community. After completing her studies, Marian worked in the public sector as a policy analyst, until she recently left the public sector to work for Equal Voice. Marian’s professional and personal passions are equity and sustainable development, with a specific focus on women’s access. In her free time, Marian co-hosts an Ottawa based podcast.

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