Lia Renaud - Director at Large

Lia Renaud is an energetic business consultant who has a track record of producing results and managing multiple projects/teams.  

Her undergraduate education is in Social Justice and Peace Studies and Sociology.  Lia pursued studies in this area because she wanted to act as a political and social critic and become an agent for progressive social transformation.  Her post-graduate studies are in business administration, project management, disability management, lean management, psychological health and safety, and women in leadership.  

Lia’s social consciousness and views toward social responsibility have positively impacted her work environments and the economic performance of organizations.   

Lia has extensive governance experience having served on multiple boards, in various roles (currently Chairs the Governance Committee on Equal Voice (NS Director) and Chairs the HR Committee of a federal political party (NS Representative).  She is comfortable working with cross-cultural groups and understands the complexities of intersectionality. Lia has been Campaign Manager for Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Candidates.

In Spring 2020, Lia reignited the Nova Scotia Chapter, hosted a campaign school, and now happily sits on the Steering Committee with her accomplished colleagues. She wishes to continue her work with Equal Voice provincially and as a Member at large on the National Board 2020-2022 term.

Lia feels strongly that women need to be represented in government and she is glad to be part of the movement to get more womyn involved and elected. 

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