Lia Renaud - Director (Nova Scotia)

My undergraduate education is in Social Justice and Peace Studies and Sociology. I pursued studies in this area because I wanted to act as a political and social critic and become an agent for progressive social transformation.  My post-graduate studies are in business administration, project management, and disability management.

This past year I founded Love in Action Society.  The purpose of this organization is to address issues of gender inequality in society and provide training and solutions to empower womyn. I feel strongly that women need to be represented in government. We need womyn involved in all aspects of the political process to bring attention to a wide range of issues and solutions.

Through networking, advocacy and creative problem-solving, I have been a change agent in my community.  I bring project management education, decision-making ability, and cultural competency skills to the table.  I have extensive experience serving on multiple community boards (eg. Northern AIDS Connection Society; Red Bear Healing Society; Canadian Cancer Society; Community Inc), in various roles.  I am an experienced volunteer organizer and fundraiser.

Womyn’s engagement is crucial and I would like to be part of movement to get more womyn involved and elected.

Help us make it happen.

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