Kim Kelly MD - Chair and Alberta Director

I am a GenX feminist, a physician, and a community leader. I have successfully advocated for wellness programs in schools, better treatment for citizens who suffer from addiction, and most recently the need to incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into all organizations' strategic plans.

After being inspired by the #metoo movement in 2017, I shared my story of harassment as a medical student on CBC radio and since then have been a strong advocate for achieving gender equity in leadership, addressing the gender pay gap, and eliminating harassment and discrimination from our work environments. One way to prioritize these issues is to elect more women in Canada - locally, provincially and nationally!

What I would bring to the Equal Voice leadership table:

  • governance experience - 2015-19 Board member of the Alberta Medical Association (membership of 10,000 physicians)
  • a growth mindset - I strive to learn every day and am half-way through a diploma program in Inclusive Leadership
  • political knowledge - I have been active in medical politics for over a decade and the skills and knowledge I've attained are directly transferable to municipal, provincial and federal politics
  • courage - I challenge the status quo and aim to create safe spaces for the discussion of uncomfortable topics

I have significant experience in EDI initiatives including founding a local networking group with over 150 women to educate, empower, foster mentorship and sponsorship and with a vision of achieving gender parity at ALL levels of leadership.

Thank you for considering my application as a Director for Alberta to Equal Voice's National Board!

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