The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, P.C.; C.C.; Q.C.

Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister of Canada

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, P.C.; C.C.; Q.C.

The Right Honorable Kim Campbell P.C .; C.C .; QC She was the nineteenth and first female Prime Minister of Canada in 1993. Previously, she was Minister of State for Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Minister of Justice and Attorney General and Minister of National Defense and Minister Veterans Affairs. She was the first woman to hold justice and defense portfolios and the first woman to serve as NATO's defense minister. Ms. Campbell has participated in major international meetings, including the Commonwealth, NATO, the G-7 Summit and the United Nations General Assembly.

Following his tenure as Prime Minister, Campbell was a member of the Institute of Politics (Spring 1994) and the Joan Shorenstein Center for the Study of Press and Politics (1994-1995) at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She served as Canada's Consul General in Los Angeles (1996-2000) and returned to Harvard to teach at the Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership (2001-2004).

Ms. Campbell served as Secretary General of the Club of Madrid (2004-2006), an organization of former heads of government and state who work to promote democratization through relationships with leaders of transitional democracies. She is a founding member and was also acting president in 2002, vice-president in 2003-2004, and member of the board of directors from 2007 to 2011.

Kim Campbell is a member and President Emeritus of the Council of Women Leaders of the World (1999-2003). The members of the Council are women who hold or have held the office of President or Prime Minister. Ms. Campbell is a member of the International Women's Forum, a global women's organization with significant and diverse accomplishments. She was President (2003-2005) and was inducted into the IWF Hall of Fame in 2008.

Today, Ms. Campbell works in the areas of governance and leadership, and chairs the Foundation's International Advisory Board for Effective Governance in Kiev, as well as the steering committee of the Global Movement for Democracy. She is a director of the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence (ICSR) at King's College London. She sits on the advisory boards of several international organizations such as the Arab Foundation for Democracy in Doha, the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI) and the Forum of Federations. Ms. Campbell is a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy (affiliated with the West Coast Council on Foreign Relations), the World Council of the Asian Society of New York, and Senior Advisor to the Crisis Group. Ms. Campbell's experience as a business manager includes the high technology, biotechnology and medical device industries. She is also a founding member of the Women's Leadership Fund, a Zurich-based investment fund.

Kim Campbell was educated at the University of British Columbia (BA, 1969, LLB, 1983) and at the London School of Economics (Graduate Studies in Soviet Administration, ABD, 1970-1973) where she is an honorary member. She holds nine honorary doctorates. The third edition of his best-selling political memoir Time and Chance was published in May 2008 with an epilogue updated by the University of Alberta Bookstore.

During her political career in Canada, Kim has been involved in international issues such as law reform and criminal justice, international trade (her signature in the NAFTA side agreements) and security ( Minister of Defense and Minister of Justice). Since leaving politics, Ms. Campbell continues to be involved in global issues where she works with many world leaders and former heads of state and government, and her views are sought in many international forums. .

Ms. Campbell speaks a lot about issues related to leadership, international politics, democratization, climate change, gender and Canada-US relations. For information on how to ask former Premier Campbell to speak in the United States, visit the American Program Bureau or in Canada, visit the National Speakers Bureau.

Mrs. Campbell is married to Hershey Felder, composer, pianist and actor.

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