Judy A. White - Candidate (Director at Large)

I would like to stand for the Director at Large position for Equal Voice. I have a keen interest in promoting women in politics at all levels from First Nation organizations, federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Judy White Q.C. is a Mi’kmaq grandmother and member of the Flat Bay Band. She currently resides in Conne River, NL. Ms. White completed a Bachelor of Laws degree from Dalhousie Law School with particular emphasis upon Aboriginal Law. Ms. White also completed the Intensive Program of Lands, Resources and First Nations Government at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Ms. White has recently completed the Leading Peoples and Investing in Sustaining Communities, an Indigenous certificate program at Harvard Business School. Ms. White has completed the Chartered Directors Program at McMaster University. Ms. White has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Assembly of First Nations and a partner with the law firm of McDonald White located at Conne River, Newfoundland Labrador, specializing in Indigenous law. She has served as the Self Government Advisor for Miawpukek First Nation, has served as a Policy and Planning Specialist for Women’s Policy Office on Indigenous Women’s Issues. She has vast board and governance experience and has served many agencies and in various capacities including the National Centre for First Nations Governance, the First Nations Statistical Institute, Aboriginal Peoples, Television Network, Board of Regents for Memorial University. Ms. White is currently the Assistant Deputy Minister of Indigenous Affairs and Intergovernmental department with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and is the Government of Canada member of the Inuvialuit Arbitration Board.

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