Jo-Anne Stead

Candidate - Director-at-large

As a long-time, experienced feminist, I am dismayed by the slow progress of women's representation in politics and want to change that, since I believe it will raise women's equality overall. In both my professional career and my volunteer experience, I've worked on a broad range of women's equality and inclusion issues and would like to utilize that for Equal Voice.

I have experience on national feminist boards, and was the Ontario Director for the Canadian Congress of Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW) and on the National Women in Trades and Technology (WTT) Board. Professionally, I have worked as a journalist, as an employment equity and gender-based analysis consultant with a national association, and am now a retired federal public servant. In terms of education, I have a BA in English and a postgraduate certificate in Equal Opportunity Management.

Originally from Thunder Bay and living in Ottawa for 30 years, I have also been involved in political campaigns. Most recently, I worked on Equal Voice's former National Chair - Raylene Lang-Dion's - campaign in Ottawa's 2018 municipal election.

I would like to have the opportunity to direct my skill-set towards helping Equal Voice achieve its goal.

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