Janny G. Laguerre - Director of Quebec

Political activist, former school board and provincial candidate, social activist, wife, and new mother, Janny Gaspard Laguerre wears several hats. In addition to her work in the Quebec public service, she wants to be a reasonable voice for influence and change for women through entrepreneurial initiatives and leadership.

Janny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University and is pursuing her studies in Applied Policy with Legal Development. At the same time, she regularly contributes to public debates on news issues in Quebec, Canada, and internationally through writings, speeches, and conferences. Currently one of the laureates among the 100 women who change the world according to UN criteria, Janny G. Laguerre sits on various boards of directors with renowned decision-makers in order to bring a balance between youth, diversity, and women in power.

Indeed, by being a major pillar of social and professional inclusion for women, Equal Voice, through its mission “a multi-party organization dedicated to electing and supporting women at all levels of political office” is an ideal setting to reinforce her values and better defend the causes she supports.

The members of this organization fully share the philosophy that informs all its interventions. Very sensitive to societal issues such as sustainable development, equity, and social justice, and women’s empowerment, Janny wants to make a difference by actively getting involved to help women achieve and develop their potential.

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