Jaimie Boyd

Candidate - Director-at-large

Canada needs more women in public life. I am seeking a leadership position on the board of Equal Voice to help make that happen.

Why do we need more women? Greater inclusion promises better representation and more equity. It can also offer more efficient outcomes that truly respond to our needs as citizens. To have more women in public life, we need to sustain a national campaign to reinforce the value of inclusion; encourage high potential women to run; and support those women.  I would like to help Equal Voice wage this campaign.  
How can I help? I have a really great understanding of public policy. In its most recent list, Apolitical listed me as one of the World’s Top 20 Most Influential Young People in Government. I offer expertise in governance and strategic planning, experience with a national board (Action Canada) and grassroots feminist initiatives (Open Heroines and feminist open government), exceptional experience with institutional accountability, keen respect for intersectionality, and a commitment to concrete results.   I have held senior positions in the Government of Canada, the Government of BC and the private sector. You can find more about me on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @jaimieboyd.

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