Head of Community Inclusion - Danielle Waters

Danielle Waters cares deeply about intersectionality and has made it the cornerstone informing her politics, organizing, advocacy, volunteer and work life as well as her art practice. She has worked on three campaigns locally and has helped organize multi party debates in Ottawa as a part of campus life.

She is devoted to bringing true cultural inclusion in regards to 2SLGBTQ communities while striving to establish true allyship with racialized communities, especially those that are indigenous. If elected she will make inclusion an action taken rather than simply a nice word we discuss while never quite hitting the mark.

In her professional career she has worked in private industry as well as public service federally. Most recently this has taken the form of working with Indigenous communities both remote and easily accessible all across Ontario in the realm of Child and Family Services.

She has sat in the Clinical Quality Committee of CAMH overseeing the Clinical Operations of an internationally renowned hospital in order to advocate for the most marginalized and truly bring diversity and cultural inclusion into practice.

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