Head of Community Inclusion- Fatouma Ahmed

Fatouma Ahmed completed a double major in International Studies and Sociology and a Certificate in Law and Social Thoughts and Bilingual Excellence. She also completed a Masters of Public Policy, Administration and Law and a Graduate Diploma in Justice System Administration.

Over ten years in the public service, Fatouma has been instrumental in connecting with a diverse array of civil society and religious organizations, municipalities and youth groups. Her continued engagement is a testament to her dedication, efficiency, depth and breadth of her stakeholder relationships in Toronto.

As an immigrant woman, Fatouma’s experience of social exclusion and marginalization inform her activism in areas impacting the inclusion of new immigrants, illustrated by her establishment of the Somali Canadian Alliance for Families.

As the Head of Community Inclusion, Fatouma brings a unique and fresh perspective. Minority women are often underrepresented in leadership. It is time for them to take back their voice and have a seat at the table. Diversity adds strength to any organization and the fusion of different perspectives challenges social norms. Fatouma will apply a Gender-based Analysis Plus to consider identity factors, like race, religion, sexual orientation, age, and disability ensuring Equal Voice is safe, inclusive and accessible to all.

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