Femmes en politique canadienne


"Women In Parliament," Library of Parliament [Revised]
by Julie Cool - October 9, 2008

Equal Voice: Electing More Women in Canada
By Ann Wicks and Raylene Lang-Dion Published in the Canadian Parliamentary Review - Spring 2007

"Women In Parliament," Library of Parliament,
by Julie Cool, February 20, 2006

Equal Voice's Submission to the Ontario Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
January 15, 2007

Women MPPs at Queen’s Park, A Historical Perspective
1981 through 2007, By G.P. MURRAY RESEARCH LIMITED

Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers.
The Parliamentary Dimension Background Paper
A Revised EditionThe International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance Handbook provides an overview of ways that women can pursue to get into parliament and make a contribution to political life.

Representation and Identity in Canadian Electoral Politics
A Feminist Perspective Voice, September 2002

Ten Years of Federal Budgets
Double Whammy for Women, February 3, 2005

Women’s Political Action Forum
YWCA Edmonton, February 26-28, 2004 - Janice L. Kinch, RN, PhD - Chair, Equal Voice, Alberta South

The Stalled Electoral Project
By Linda Trimble and Jane Arscott, authors of Still Counting: Women in Politics Across Canada (Broadview Press, 2003)., March 08, 2004

Elected Officials and City Managers in Canada
February 03, 2004

Why Do Women Need Political Parties to Walk the Corridors of Power? Speech by the Chief Electoral Officer
Symposium on Political Parties and Women November 1–2, 2002

Electoral Support & Equality between Men and Women - Canadian International Development Agency, Government of Canada, November 1998: This reports outlines the barriers to the participation of women in politics and outlines initiatives taken by the United Nations Development Fund for Women to support women's political participation.

A Quebec Perspective on Women in Politics - Canadian Parliamentary Review
Charlotte L'Écuyer, MNA, Women currently hold 40 of the 122 seats in the Quebec National Assembly. In the April 2003 election, there was a remarkable 7.2% increase in the number of women elected.

Learning from the Private Sector


How the Private Sector is Increasing Women's Participation in the Work Force


Workplace Equality for Women
The study, entitled “The Anatomy of the Glass Ceiling: Barriers to Women’s Professional Advancement,” is based on a survey of 1,200 male and female executives in eight countries including Canada. Despite significant gains in the past 10 years, women executives around the world still face an uphill battle in workplace equality, a new study by Accenture shows.

Statistics Canada


Reports on Women in Canada


"Education Matters: The Achievement Gap between Boys and Girls,"
prepared by Statistics Canada - Statistics Canada indicates that women are now just over half of all university graduates in Canada.

Women in Canada, prepared by Statistics Canada
Women are playing stronger roles in the workplace and their profile is rising in many professional fields, according to a new assessment on the evolving status of women in Canadian society. However, the report still shows substantial gaps between the sexes in many key areas. The average earnings of employed women are still substantially lower than those of men, women make up a disproportionate share of the population with low incomes.

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