Frances LeBlanc - Vice Chair and New Brunswick and PEI Director

Frances works as an association executive, advocate, strategist, and connector. She serves her community by helping to build and strengthen people, communities, and systems through meaningful connections and by leveraging partnerships. Notably, Frances supports several organizations including as Chair of the NB Coalition for Pay Equity, Chair of the Atlantic Network Council of the Canadian Society for Association Executives, Secretary-Treasurer of the Women in Business NB, and others.

Frances is passionate about helping to build a more equitable and fair society. Accordingly, she serves as an advocate for women’s rights focused on addressing barriers to enhance economic security ( equity), access to workplace and improve working conditions. In addition, she helps to support the efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion in all levels of governments and to augment participation in all spheres of decision-making.

Similarly, to Equal Voice, Frances believes that gender parity in politics (and overall, more diversity) will lead to greater representation and hence optimize the democratic processes. Frances would be pleased to help support the work of Equal Voice, by helping to facilitate leadership development, mentorship and sponsoring of women in NB and PEI, as well as work to support greater civic literacy. Strategic partnerships would certainly help to achieve the goals of the organization and strengthen the organizational capacity in NB and PEI.

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