We've gathered some resources relevant for those interested in running for politics in Canada.


Trolled on the Campaign Trail

Release date: 2020
Pages: 40

This report examines incivility on social media in the 2019 federal election campaign and beyond. It draws on an analysis of over one million tweets directed at candidates in the 2019 campaign, and on interviews with candidates, campaign staff, and elected officials.

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Funding Through The Women's Program: Women's Groups Speak Out

Release date: May 2005
Pages: 33

This report provides an overview of funding through the Women's Program at Status of Women Canada supporting women’s organizations and equality-seeking organizations in Canada and makes recommendations based on past funding trends.


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Democracy During #METOO: Taking Stock of Violence Against Women in Canadian Politics

Release date: March 2019
Pages: 46

This report presents non-partisan, evidence-based research on how governments, legislatures, civil society, and non-governmental organizations have addressed the problem of violence against women in politics both within and beyond Canada.


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Elect Her: A Roadmap for Improving the Representation of Women in Canadian Politics

Release date: April 2019
Pages: 104

This report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women from Chair Karen Vecchio provides recommendations for increasing the participation of women in electoral politics in Canada, and addresses barriers that women may face when running for office.


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#HerVoice Facebook Safety Tips for Women Leaders

Release date: March 2021
Pages: 15

This guide is a social media resource for women running, to help them avoid online harassment on Meta's platforms. The guide reviews their suite of features designed to reduce the online harassment that many candidates face while running for office.

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